Downspout Extensions


Missing downspout extensions is one of the most common issues we run across during our home inspections and consultations. Most homeowners, sellers, buyers, real estate agents and investors don’t even know what they are or their importance.

What happens without downspout extensions?
Your gutters (horizontal along your roofline) collect rainwater from the roof and sends it down the downspouts (vertical, generally at the corners of your home). The volume of rainwater can be considerable. If you do not have downspout extensions, all of that water is discharging at your foundation walls/slab. Moisture at the foundation wall is the primary source of wet/damp basements. In addition, the hydrostatic pressure caused by the groundwater can also cause cracking and settling in your foundation.

What are downspout extensions?
Downspout extensions are attached at the end of your downspout to carry water further away from your home. Typically made of plastic they are readily available at your local Home Depot and Lowe’s for around $10 each.

So how do you install a downspout extension?
First, you want to make sure the downspout extension is fully extended. Then simply attach the downspout extension to the downspout, ensuring a snug fit. It is advisable to add at least one stainless steel, self-tapping screw through the downspout extension into the downspout itself to prevent it from being dislodged. The last step is to ensure that the downspout extension is properly sloped so that it drains water away from the home – not collecting inside of it!

This simple fix could end up saving you thousands of dollars in costly mold remediation, remodeling and even foundation repairs costs! And don’t forget to keep your gutters clean!

Can’t do it yourself?
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