Make Sure Your Air Is Free of Mold

It's Easy With Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)/Mold Testing in Montgomery and surrounding counties.

One of the primary concerns with water damage is mold growth. Mold thrives in dark, wet spaces and can live in areas of your home you might not have access to. Over time, exposure to mold can cause significant health issues and can also cause structural damage to your house.

Even when not visible, an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test will indicate if any, what type and how many mold spores are in the air.

A mold inspection will check to make sure your house is mold-free. Thin Line Home Inspections, LLC will inspect the areas most prone to mold growth. If we find mold, we can perform mold testing to determine whether the type of mold poses a health concern.

Moisture can get trapped in places you don’t expect, so air quality testing and/or a mold inspection is always a good idea when buying a house. Talk to a certified mold inspector serving Montgomery County, Bethesda, & Rockville, Potomac, MD


Mold testing should be done when mold is found in your home. Thin Line Home Inspections will take samples of the air in your house, and we can also take surface samples of the mold. We’ll send the samples to an independent lab for analysis. You’ll know what kinds of mold are in your home and whether they present a danger. You can proceed with repairs with a better grasp of the situation.

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