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A Pre-Listing Home Inspection in Montgomery County, Bethesda, & Rockville, Potomac, MD Can Identify Areas of Concern

Typically, home inspections are performed at the end of the buying process at the expense of the buyer. You can get ahead of this process by scheduling a pre-listing home inspection to identify any problems with your house. That way, you can address them before they end up delaying the closing process. Thin Line Home Inspections, LLC can perform your pre-listing inspection in Montgomery County and the surrounding area. Please see our “Areas We Serve” page.

During the inspection, we’ll look closely at your home’s…

  • Interior – Our inspector will check your ventilation, electrical system, appliances, plumbing, and lighting.
  • Exterior – We’ll examine your roofing, gutters, siding, windows, deck, HVAC, foundation and grounds.
  • Air quality – We can perform radon and mold testing to make sure the home is safe to live in.


Acting on what we discover, you can perform any necessary repairs before they interrupt your sale.

Set up your pre-listing home inspection in Montgomery County, Bethesda, & Rockville, Potomac, MD.


If you’re concerned about a particular feature of your home, consider a walk-and-talk inspection. In this type of home buying inspection, you can follow the inspector through the house and even direct the inspection to areas you’re concerned about. Fees are billed by the hour, so the inspection can be as in-depth as you want. We’ll point out any concerns or issues and recommend ways to proceed.

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